Get your sand screens and liners to target depth

The Traction Tool can be configured for a traction capacity of 10-50 tons, and enable challenging completions to reach target depth.


A simplified full scale prototype (for 8 1⁄2 inch boreholes) with a single traction element was traction tested in our labs and in a test borehole. Traction forces of up to 10 tons were delivered. A traction element for 12 1⁄4 inch boreholes has been tested up to a maximum traction force of 18 tons.

Load cycling (5000 cycles at 90 ° C) has been successfully performed.


  • A tubular device utilizing traction element(s) sliding on a base pipe
  • The traction element spreads the load avoiding wellbore damage
  • Powered by well fluid circulation
  • All mechanical with no electronics


  • Provides 10+ tons of force per unit, more units = more pull
  • Robust, simple and fail-safe
  • Low additional string weight and short length
  • Compatible with other well completion components
  • Run on top, bottom or both

Uniqueness and benefits:

  • Acts as a self centering hole finder that can pass cuttings beds and avoid screen damage
  • Provide traction on demand
  • Increase the achievable completion length

Value for our customers:

By assisting the construction of challenging wells, the sand screen and liner traction tool will help to maximise production, optimise reservoir drainage and reduce well construction costs